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Probably not your normal 19 years old femme you'd usually encounter, since she's got this die hard habit towards movies especially european. Or the fact that she got this old man syndrome over her. Let's just say, she loves football as much as she enjoying watching and play them both. A movie addict, mention : cult, oldies, sagas, epic and adventure. Studying Visual and Communication Design at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia; she's now at almost the end of her 2nd year. Also addict to comic and web layout, HMTL scripts and blah blah... : kamuiid : j_kho / jazz_k
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music : Kasabian - Club Foot
movie : Star Wars III
anime : Prince of Tennis (I know it's kind of out-of-date but I just watch it now because my sis got it)
things : new scanner, a Canon would be no problem... ; Windsor & Newton spectre water colour brush no. 1, I want a new one since what I've got kind of old.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008|12:33 p.m.
music : -
movie : The Proposition

When Said the moon to the stars in the sky Soon Said the wind that followed him home Who Said the cloud that started to cry Me Said the rider as dry as a bone How Said the sun melted the ground Why Said the river that refused to run Where Said the thunder without a sound Here Said the rider and took up his gun Adieu Said the bird in the branch of tree Fare well Said the snake to the dying light Adieu Said the fish in the river of sleep Goodbye Said the rider Goodbye and Goodnight No Said the stars to the moon in the sky No Said trees that started to moan No Said the dust blinded his eyes Yes Said the rider pointed his gun Yes Said the rider as white as a bone No Said the the moon rose from the sea... No Said criedly the dying sun No Said the planet started to weep Yes Said the rider laid down his gun

the jedi council

Friday, March 14, 2008|02:48 p.m.
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movie : -

Secretly... I wish to do an animation project...

the jedi council

Wednesday, March 5, 2008|05:12 p.m.
music : Phantom Planet - Lonely Day
movie : Cloverfield

Been working at IFS Jakarta since 3rd December. Hmm... Need to update this blog.

the jedi council

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